by Braebrook

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Time turns red to black and like a rose you've been left to wither and fade.
Ages spent awaiting a fate just out of your reach.
At the morning call you stand stoic, until stars blanket the sky.
A moment forever in replay. A life not worth living.
Set in a still frame and frozen in time while the world decays around you.
The tune of the world played in slow motion, the past is all you know.
Did you ever think it would all come to this?
Driven mad by a letter discarded, he is never coming home.
The casualty of a war not understood. He rests his head in the ocean.
All hope is gone. This is known however you wait. This known but forever you wait.
Everything fades in time.
A house once sought after lies in ruin. Its windows tinted by the filth of ages.
What has become of your life?
On your death bed breathe those final words: "HE WILL NOT COME".
Life left to the trauma of the hours, this is the savagery of time.
Let the sand pour out of your lungs and dust the cobwebs from your mind.
Close your eyes.
Mariana, this is your end.
"Then said she, 'I am very dreary, He will not come,' she said; She wept, 'I am aweary, aweary, Oh God, that I were dead!'"


released January 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Braebrook Montreal, Québec

Braebrook is a metal band from Montreal, Canada. The band has just put out their EP "The Savagery of Time". If you like bouncy aggressive music, check out Braebrook.

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